Here at Truss Systems, it is very important that our Delivery Department understands the value of communicating with our customer to make sure the trusses get delivered when and where the customer wants them. A delivery tickets is produced for each job to ensure that the proper trusses and any miscellaneous items are included in the delivery.

Our Delivery Department works hand in hand with our Crane Service to make sure the trusses are located at the job site where the crane can reach both the trusses and the project where the trusses are being installed on.

Truss Systems Inc., is one of the only truss manufacturing plants in the area that offers a Crane Service to our customers. With many years of experience, our operators know how to efficiently keep job sites flowing smoothly and safely. Our Crane Department take a lot of pride in being able to read a truss layout and assist customers in the location of the trusses.

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